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Kutsaa Saksi

posted by Emma Fisher May 20, 2014

The most recent work from Kutsaa Saksi is the beautiful artworks made with jacquard weaving techniques. Using this technique it has resulted in Kustaa’s intricate designs being given a new dimension, produced on a large surface area with a mixture of fabric from alpacha wool too acrylic thread. His work is inspired by optical and psychedelic artwork, bringing surreal imagery from scientific subject matters to life. The collection definitely puts these visions in to a visually stunning outcome whilst pushing the boundaries in the medium in which they are produced.

This current project Hypnopompic refers one science matter in particular, Hypnopompic meaning a state of consciousness you feel whilst coming out of sleep, resulting in lingering vivid imagery that can relate to surreal visions as the brain begins to make sense of new imagery. The collection also features an equally surreal set of screen prints to accompany the exhibition. The show is currently available to visit in the Tilburg Textile Exhibition in the Netherlands until the 2nd November.

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