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Liron Ashekenazi

posted by Amber Weaver September 8, 2016

Currently based in New York City, Liron Ashekenazi is visual artist and multidisiplinary designer that explores composition, typography and motion. Having recently partnered up with her husband to set up their own studio, Ashekenazi continues to produce bold, exciting and conceptual driven imagery using 3D illustration, animation, photography and experimental typography.

This talented designer’s portfolio is bursting at seams with daring and stimulating work, ranging from her own personal projects to commissioned posters and other beautifully crafted designs.

One of her projects, The Book of Fear was inspired by the desire to understand what people are afraid of. In Ashekenazi’s opinion, it was fear that motivated and drove her forward in life, and recognising and accepting certain fears was the first step in conquering them.

To begin her project, she asked the people around her what were they most afraid of. Some of the answers were emotional insecurities whilst others were physical things. From this primary research the designer went about trying to illustrate the fears in both an abstract and literal way, adding her own bold stated flair.

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