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Lizzi Morris

posted by Alice Harrison November 3, 2016

Predominantly using textiles and objects to create her fine art sculptures, Lizzi Morris documents the development of her installations through her unique drawing aesthetic, communicating beautifully intriguing work through each aspect of her design process. Through the use of both hard and soft materials, Morris’ sculptures investigate how tension or dialogue can be generated in a relationship between materially contrasting objects while the drawings focus on the potential texture and pattern, considering through intricate illustrations, how three-dimensional objects could interact with each other.



Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Lizzi Morris is an emerging multidisciplinary designer exceptionally contributing to the fine art world with her sculpture and installations. Her creations juxtapose both colour palette and medium through the injection of a harsh black which contrasts against the the ethereal pastel pink in which certain objects radiate. Immersing the viewer in each of the end the spectrum allows the visualisation of the tension Morris initially aims to explore.



Lizzi Morris has completed her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) and is currently working on her Honours degree at RMIT University. Looking for an adorbale addition to your home? A selection of Lizzi’s drawings are available for purchase here.


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