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Luiz d’Orey

posted by Beatriz Camargo August 8, 2017

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1993, the young artist Luiz d’Orey moved to New York in 2012 to study Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). After graduating in May 2016, he was chosen to represent the institution at Pulse Art Fair in Miami. He has worked closely with two renowned Brazilian artists Carlos Vergara and Raul Mourão. d’Orey’s collages and paintings have been shown in group shows and fairs in Brazil and around the world. His work was exhibited in the ‘Displacement’ exhibition, Ugly Duck Gallery, London 2017 and in ‘Procession’ exhibition, Foley Gallery, New York 2016.

In his current series ‘Tapume’, the artist is inspired by street posters where he removes them from the streets, takes them to his studio and rearranges it in a way that matches Manhattan’s architecture. This is a multi-layered process which involves cutting, pasting, ripping and sanding the collected material. After Trump was elected president, d’Orey started observing how the trend of street posters changed and how he could adapt them within his working process. He decided to recreate these using the Trump Tower’s architecture as a starting point. His work investigates pre-existent urban objects, their environment and architectural construction rituals.

After finishing his work on the canvas, d’Orey photographs them and prints the images on a large poster format, taking them back to the streets to the same place it had once belonged. In this way, he is able to capture the way the subject is randomly treated and altered while camouflaged in its urban environment and slowly transforming into a new organic work.

The artist is currently represented by Mercedes Viegas Gallery in Rio and lives and works in New York.

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