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Nathalie Du Pasquier: Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously

posted by Tessa Lawer April 6, 2015

Nathalie Du Pasquier is the queen of decorating surfaces and has recently launched a new book to reveal her vibrant sketches.

Born in France and currently residing in Milan, Nathalie works as a Designer and Painter. As a founding member of the Memphis group Nathalie spent the 80s adorning postmodernist furniture, textiles, carpets, plastics and other curious objects. Last year she collaborated with brand American Apparel to produce a colourful collection of printed clothing. Whatever the surface, Nathalie’s electric work is unmistakable, being marked by jiggling repeat patterns and bold colourful shapes.

Nathalie’s new book, entitled “Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously”, consolidates hundreds of sketches created throughout her career. The book offers an insight into the creative process behind Nathalie’s geometric shapes and primitive patterns.

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