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Neil Krug

posted by Ellis O'Connor March 18, 2013

I stumbled upon Neil Krug’s work during some research of artist’s that mix photography with printmaking. Neil Krug is an American artist based in Los Angeles. He works primarily in photography and film. Krug, in a creative collaboration with Joni Harbeck founded PULP ART BOOK where his photography has been used in limited edition prints, films and books. I am in love with his images, they almost have a vintage bleached out look to them, panoramic apocalyptic like landscapes and beautiful natural images of people. My favourites are the ones used in ‘Death Valley’ and ‘American Road Movie’ taken from the forthcoming book. The landscapes have a very bold, textured look to them, but the way Krug uses colour in these images and maniuplutes it to gain different qualities really makes his work stand out.

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