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Oakley Graham | Food Exposé

posted by Alice Harrison July 31, 2016

Channelling her fascination for Japanese culture as a major inspiration, Oakley Graham, the Australian Communication Design Student has confidently approached her first attempt at packaging design, maintaining her clean aesthetic while simultaneously infusing the essence of Japanese style. Created as DVD casing for a cooking documentary series, the combining of perfectionism, intellect and simplicity is apparent within Graham’s creations, working strong in colour and contrast to produce gender neutral design, apparent through the stark black of the digital typeface which counteracts the femininity of the pastel palette.

Oakley Graham4

Oakley Graham2

Oakley Graham3

Oakley Graham13

Food Exposé is the result of a school project which relied heavily on extensive research, specifically the observing of existing packaging in Japanese grocers. Beginning as sketches, Graham’s designs are later refined digitally, maintaing the clean vector artwork apparent across Graham’s portfolio, perhaps due to her history and skill in illustration.

Oakley Graham7

Oakley Graham12

Oakley Graham9

From the design of the brand logo to the physical production of the hand crafted thick card, Graham’s influences of Japanese culture, animals, food, and the digital world are all tastefully executed, all in all emphasising her personal description of her work, from clean, minimal and confident to cool and modest.

Oakley Graham8

Oakley Graham11

Oakley Graham6

Although currently specialising in graphic design, working as a visual artist, Graham’s real passion lies with architecture, which she plans to revisit in later life.

Oakley Graham14

Oakley Graham5

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