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Patrick Savile — Selected Scenes from the Beginning of the World

posted by Marcroy February 10, 2017

You might know Patrick Savile as the designer of the front cover of Print Isn’t Dead™ Element 001, or maybe you have seen issue 16 of Posterzine™, or the work he has done for multiple clients like Nickelodeon, Amazon, Sony and Warp Records to name a few. Either way, you have to head down to Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes on Thursday 16th February for his solo show which is going to be epic.

Patrick Savile Exhibition 2017

Patrick found that creation myths from cultures as disparate as Finland and Babylonia shared the same threads of stories and imagery as other cultures on all the continents; a collective consciousness of creation exists.

He has drawn these together to create a globalised version, devoid of any geographic or religious context. The characters present from culture to culture have been replaced with the hieroglyphs of today — emojis.

Much as religious paintings cherry pick the iconic scenes from religious scripture, Patrick chose 10 to paint, which form the basis for this show.

Exhibition runs from 17th February – 17 May 2017




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