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posted by Alice Harrison July 29, 2016

Dynamic garments decorated through vivid pattern, showcasing avant garde silhouettes and erupting in ruffles which unfold a subjective narrative are the result of Fashion Graduate, Rebecca Carrington’s latest collection. Studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, Carrington specialised in print and womenswear, in turn developing her unique aesthetic tearing away from the mainstream and embedding a wearable art feel in every aspect of her designs.

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The theme of childhood inspires Carringtons latest collection, thus the diminishing of the stereotype regarding the transition into adulthood and the ideology that we should conform to a certain type of expectation is ever apparent, through Carrington’s chosen aesthetic, for example, the illustrative expression referencing that of a child’s drawings detailed through abstract colouring and further juxtaposed by the harsh black which outlines the garments, also the scaling of prints to appear as giant toys.

Rebecca Carrington7

Looking deeper than face value, the inspiration is embedded within the multi-layered silhouettes, spilling from the frills that withhold the narrative Carrington intelligently embeds. The collection entails a narrative of a girl named Ruby Ribbon who is transported to a new world entitled Childhood City where she meets her inner child, who teaches her the ways of her youth. The joyous collection beautifully uses contemporary fashion to transport us back to our youth, evoking both whimsical and nostalgic elements which awake the child inside us.

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