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Rus Khasanov | Sweet Dreams

posted by Alice Harrison May 28, 2016

Predominantly known for his experimental typography, Russian Graphic Designer Ruslan Khasanov exquisitely channels his enviable sense of curiosity through his manipulation of the elements, resulting in the liquid and reflective fonts he mesmerisingly creates. The experimentation with the interplay of iridescent inks, oils and soap manifests within the more recent projects, further embedding the immersive experience and joyful emotion evoked when subject to the unconventional creations.

Titled Sweet Dreams, Khasanov’s recent project delves into the worlds of digital photography and motion graphics, combining the mundane materials and transforming them into the extraordinary through the compelling tightly cropped compositions, further heightened by the vivid colour considerations which beautifully paint the surreal landscape.

Sweet Dreams6

Sweet Dreams4

Sweet Dreams10

Sweet Dreams9

Sweet Dreams8

Sweet Dreams7

The title perfectly references the candy colour palette decorating the dynamic visuals while Dmitry Evgrafov’s Reel simultaneously narrates the scene, heightening the overall experience.

Sweet Dreams2

Sweet Dreams3

If you liked Sweet Dreams, the same technique is used by Khasanov for his projects Odyssey and Pacific Light.

Sweet Dreams14

Sweet Dreams16

Sweet Dreams15

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