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Sivan Karim

posted by Alice Harrison December 24, 2016

From the ethereal aesthetic and celestial setting to the powerful narratives that unfold, Sivan Karim’s otherwordly illustrations are confident in portraying Karim’s inspirations of nature, dreams and personal experiences, predominantly telling a story in which viewers can relate. Choosing only to use monochrome shades within his designs, Karim’s artwork is iconic for its dependence on contrast, both in approach and concept, as simple lines beautifully withhold an increasingly intricate offering.


Karim’s expert approach to his chosen technique contributes to the instantly recognisable aesthetic Karim has cemented for himself, evoking wonder and embedding life into his 2D artwork through the depth and detail he mesmerisingly achieves.

Sivan Karim has completed his Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Design and is now based in Berlin. Regarding the future, Karim aims to participate in international exhibitions. Watch this space.

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