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Sophie Vimont

posted by Marcroy December 18, 2017

Sophie is a Parisian artist who makes sweet-weird, acid-pop bubble-gummy paintings and drawings — sometimes dark black & white charcoal drawings. As you can see in her images below, she enjoys mixing cuteness and weirdness, sci-fi and pop culture. Sophie grew up surrounded by her father’s railroad lanterns and her mother’s Salsa Compilation CDs. So to complete the circle of logic she “fell into punk rock, 60’s rock and all the visual art related to that, like American poster art and cd-lp cover art.”

Some of the things Sophie likes a lot are Ren & Stimpy, Guy Peellaert, Jim Phillips, Rick Griffin, Yokoo Tadanori, Liberatore, Frank Frazetta, Ralph Bakshi, 90’s MTV anim art, cheesy french postcards, dogs, doglike cats, UK-US Comedy, summertime, hiking and road trips.



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