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Street Heroines

posted by Alice Harrison June 26, 2016

The overshadowing of female graffiti artists is dominant within the subculture, with women receiving little recognition for their contributions in comparison to their male counterparts. Finally a shift is becoming apparent, highlighted through the awarding of female graffiti artists with the long overdue celebration they truly deserve. Alexandra Henry aims to provide a platform to shine a spotlight on female creatives, thus Street Heroines is in the works, a documentary which will capture the collective voice and experiences of females within the global street art movement.

Street Heroines1

Street Heroines acts as a powerful storytelling tool, expressing both art and activism as one with each other. A wide selection of artists from over 10 different countries around the globe will showcase their personal narratives, each of which are unique and contribute to the changing of the urban environment and how we interact within the public space. Interviews, intimate conversations and a striking showcasing of artwork informs the content of the documentary, highlighting the overlooked cultural and artistic influence as we watch through the female perspective.

Street Heroines is the product of a Kickstarter campaign, currently seeking funding with the aim to premiere in the winter of 2017. View here for more information and to support the campaign.

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