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Susan Vera Clarke :: Speckled Letters & Numbers

posted by Marcroy September 3, 2013

Susan is a member of the East London Printmakers where she produced this lovely edition of prints titled ‘Speckled Letters & Numbers. We fell in love with it instantly. Be sure to check out the rest of her portfolio.

Susan has worked in various disciplined print studios over the past year; Typoretum, Bainbridge Studios and East London Printmakers. Speckled Letters and Numbers was an attempt to materialise the experiences and knowledge she had learnt from these studios; a chance to translate these mediums into a print with the weight of Contemporary Art.

Using Letterpress and Screenprint techniques she explores the notion of how each of us are vessels for information that varies between ages, sexes and species. How we understand and read the world around us is unique to our own personal embodiment of experiences. This print acts as a contraction in its self and defeats the laws of how we absorb information for the first time. Remember, nothing is ever as it seems.



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