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Tishk Barzanji

posted by Alice Harrison December 6, 2016

Predominantly focusing on the intricate details that go unnoticed in everyday life, Tishk Barzanji unveils an immersive exploration of space and colour, delving into the topics of digital art, graphic design and photography, in turn transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Channeling Mondrian, Magritte and Ken Price as major influences due to their iconic consideration of colour and juxtaposition, Barzanji creates surreal digital landscapes that capture his curiosity regarding the structure, diversity of cultures and atmosphere that consume his new home environment, altering perceptions along the way.





Born in Kurdistan, Iraq and then moving to Dalston, London at the age of 7 influenced Barzanji’s work immensely, reportedly having a huge impact due to the shift in culture and life in general, in turn sparking his passion for art and architecture which is communicated fluently throughout the digital paradises he expertly creates.





Occasionally using CGI to superimpose artificial environments over his original photography, Barzanji aims to portray his perception of the council estates in which he grew up, subverting the negative stereotype through the adorning of abstract artificial motifs onto the brutalist London architecture, prompting the viewer to distinguish through fantastical visuals, what is real and what is not.




Having studied Fine Art at Richmond upon Thames College and Physics at Loughborough University, the harmonious worlds of art and science collide within each intriguing offering, delivering original and ever-changing concepts we strongly advise you stick around to witness.




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