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Will Sweeney :: Microlife

posted by Marcroy July 4, 2013

The private view for Will Sweeney’s first UK solo exhibition titled ‘Microlife’ is tonight and runs until 28th July 2013 at Beach London. ‘Microlife’ consists of a series of detailed drawings and prints inspired by his recent trip to Mexico, as well as what the artist describes as “alien mausoleums, brain harvesting machines and winklepickers”. The title of the show refers to the concept of measuring mortality, for example, smoking a cigarette loses you ten microlives, each representing half an hour of the total amount of time that the average human is likely to stay alive.

The idea of quantifying the abstract,esoteric fears and anxieties of existence is explored in a playful yet obsessive fashion in the work on display.

Will Sweeney graduated in 1988 from the Royal College of Art in London. Alongside his art practice, Sweeney has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist specialising in comics, clothing graphics (most notably for his label ‘Alakazam’), animated videos and music packaging. He has produced an ongoing series of graphic novels called ‘Tales from Greenfuzz’ which led to a series of Amos toy characters.




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