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Zachary Hobbs

posted by Marcroy June 20, 2011

Zach Hobbs has been designing posters semi-professionally since 2003. He has secretly designed over 200 rock posters and art prints on nights and weekends while holding down a full time graphic design gig in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His interests are punk rock, UFOs, Bigfoots, Trash culture, old TV and movies, documentaries, heavy metal, weird southern people, story tellers, CIA MK-ULTRA experiments, MJ-12, graph paper, obituaries, combination locks, headphones, xerox machines, typography, found treasures, science, food, running, podcasts, the year 1987, and any general pre-internet weirdness. He is very tall.




Director at People of Print
Graphic Design, Illustration and Print Enthusiast.

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