Atelier Bingo

posted by Anna Chayasatit January 17, 2014

Atelier Bingo is Maxime Prou and Adèle Favreau, a duo who has a common passion for illustration, graphic arts and pattern design. Their studio is currently based in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre, a rural area about 70 km to the south-east of Nantes where they first met in a design course and decided to collaborate. They specialise in making screen-printed posters, using not only different artistic techniques, collage, gouache, pens, inks, etc, but also various shades of colour combinations to create electrifying artwork.

Atelier Bingo has also worked with a number of renowned publications including The Loop, NSEW Press, The Plant and many others. Check out their website to have a look at their works in close-up, something you will definitely be potty about.

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