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posted by Alice Harrison December 25, 2016

The combining of talents regarding Chris Tzaferos’ graphic aesthetic and geometric form favour and Greg Papagrigoriou’s technique regarding calligraphy and typography categorises the intriguing offerings of the Blaqk team. Ever interested in the unconventional medium, the team seek out abandoned locations, focusing on the contribution of the natural textures regarding depth and contrast, in turn adorning these outside elements to create their magnificent murals.

Based in Athens, both Chris and Greg work as Graphic Designers and collaborate through the creation of Blaqk to combine expertise and result in the textured, minimal, strictly geometric yet occasionally abstract aesthetic the team perfectly achieve.

Additionally to murals, Blaqk express their artwork through painting using acrylic and ink, as showcased during their solo show at the Punkt gallery in Gdynia, Poland earlier this year.

As of late, the team have decorated the port of Giardini Naxos, Sicily in spectacular fashion for the event of Emergence Festival.

Follow Blaqk on Instagram here to keep up to date with the team’s latest work.

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