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Estúdio Lampejo | Chá Com Cartas

posted by Alice Harrison February 3, 2017

Situated on the top floor of a forgotten building in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Filipe Costa, João Emediato and their multifaceted trainee Matheus Brisola deem the breathtaking view of the city as their most treasured inspiration, with the beauty and charm undoubtedly shining through each of their creations. Showcasing the depth of experimentation they frequently delve into, Chá Com Cartas was created back in 2015 in a bid to encourage the art of typography by hand. The series of posters proposes a reflection on interpersonal relationships within the contemporary landscape and explores the feelings that the act of creating your own hand written typography can provoke. 

With the dominant underlying aim to create experiences with their creative offerings, Chá Com Cartas takes place through urban interventions and public space occupations, unveiling a process of rediscovering the city as the use of anonymous letters and mail art prompt the exploration of new forms of sociability.

Inspired by the layers of graphic information that a correspondence receives before being sent on its journey, the posters were all created in three stages. The first applied a print directly onto the support then the second incorporated the bonding of adhesive labels and seals.

Finally, the adorning of stamps and thus the creation of texture resulted in the unique compositions of the final print run, as opacity and colour combinations intertwine to reveal the complex elements which work harmoniously to translate the sensoriality of writing into graphic pieces, in both a versatile and economical way.

Established in 2012, Estúdio Lampejo delve into developing visual identities, editorial projects, illustrations and packaging, with a heightened focus on the cultural fields. Be sure to keep up to date with the graphic design studio in 2017 by following the links below.

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