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posted by Alice Harrison January 23, 2017

As we settle into the new year Fragmento Universo is back again with its conceptual take on the contemporary culture, this time partnering with VSCO to create this playful short, inviting metaphoric visuals decorated through a perfect pastel palette, to represent the endings and beginnings, the regrets and resolutions, of both the past and future. The obsessive detail of the still life compositions in which we can all relate presents a juxtaposing focus, an absurd distinction between beauty and ugliness, good and evil, true and false, evoking an element of surprise while the wit and intelligence infused are as equally significant as the aesthetic pleasure induced.

Entitled Next Level, the creative duo continue the experimentation of building their distinctive visual language, this time playing with our appetite for games through their immersive still life compositions, entirely orchestrated to catch the voyeurs hungry gaze for a treasure of ideas. Specialising in art direction, design and audio, every aspect is highly considered to interpret the focus on contrasts, shifting from the inviting familiarity of the champagne pop which we subconsciously associate with a celebration to the universally recognised signal of ‘game over’.

Hailing from Madrid, Fragmento Universo is situated in Madrid and is run by Christian Baumgartner & Tessa Dóniga. Keep up to date with the film and music design studio in 2017 by following the links below.

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