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Hey Studio — ‘Map of The Wall Street Journal’

posted by Jade Connolly May 17, 2016

The first issue in 2016 of The Wall Street Journal’s luxury real estate section, Mansion, published a front-page article that included an illustrated map of San Diego created by Hey Studio. It shows their own personal interpretation of this southern Californian coastal city.


Using geometric shapes, muted colours and flat texture, Hey have created a stylised illustrated map. Their conventional use of brown, green and blue for earth, greenery and water is displayed in an unconventional way, which really is aesthetically pleasing.


Alongside this, they have developed maps of the Caribbean Islands, and also a world map focussing on main features of different countries connoting the destination through cultural competence rather than the shape of the country, setting it apart from your typical world map.



Jade Connolly

Jade Connolly

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