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Hubert & Fischer | Parabolika

posted by Alice Harrison January 9, 2017

Channeling the dynamic dimensions of Stefan Rohrer’s artwork, Hubert & Fischer have translated Rohrer’s iconic aesthetic via the medium of print, appropriating techniques of distortion to achieve a static interpretation of motion, an intriguing experimentation of composition and a work of art within itself. Entitled Parabolika, the term is used within motor sport to describe the result of entering a long curve at speed without braking, it also titles one of Stefan Rohrer’s artworks.

The fluidity of Rohrer’s approach and his daring dependence on scale is deeply immersed through the intense visual contrasts regarding typography and image relationship and Hubert & Fischer’s impressive ability to evoke the experience of movement. Parabolika only exemplifies one of Rohrer’s artwork which is entitled Schleudertrauma Nr. 11. heightening the uniqueness once more as the differing angles and approaches that seem to contrast offer an unprecedented view of Stefan Rohrer’s art.

Once designed, each page was proof-read prior to their individual rework, they were then involved in the dragging across a scanner to distort the elements further.

Parabolika is published by the ZF Art Foundation, the foundation to approach Hubert & Fischer to design the book for Stefan Rohrer. Hubert & Fischer is a design studio which is based between New York and Berlin and was established by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer. Keep up to date with the studio in 2017 by following the links below.

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