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London Underdown

posted by Amber Weaver January 24, 2017

Created by two Spanish creative creatures Pablo Reca and Rafael Ferrer, London Underdown is a project consisting of bizarre and surreal illustrations and animations based on situations framed in the Tube. Back in 2010 in Seville, the duo set up a blog titled “Alcalofo”, with two additional friends. This gave them the opportunity to collaborate on magazines and Spanish websites all the while retaining their humorous illustrative style.

Since relocating to London, the team wanted to adapt their ideas into this new context. So naturally they found London’s underground tubes the perfect environment to describe its multicultural life styles, where all the different faces of the society are combined into one huge blur.

In 2016, they began working in the production of printing, going onto set up a screen printing studio with their friend, artist and creator Marina Fernandez in North London. In the same year they were elected to participate on the London Illustration Fair, where they exhibited prints, postcards and their animations – which is also where we stumbled across these guys!

We loved their work so much, we decided to add them to our curated marketplace – Department Store. Grab one of their awesome prints below, or check their collection on Department Store.

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