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Lord Whitney — Because No Reason

posted by Jade Connolly April 27, 2016

First things first… No, Lord Whitney is not a ‘regal gentleman’. Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney opened the wonderfully whimsical studio of Lord Whitney in 2010. Since then, their infectious, creative energy and willingness for progress has developed into a much bigger creative team that includes producers, designers, set builders and assistants. ‘From the nonsical to the absurd’, Lord Whitney will cover it all. Working with a range of clients from Nicki Minaj to Leeds City Council (this is probably the first time they have been mentioned in the same sentence), these girls have a talent for creating new worlds to immerse us in.


On a reason project working with director Abbie Stephens, Lord Whitney created a series of short films about cocktails using Chambord for #becausenoreason, embracing the weird and wonderful and creating a truly bizarre turn of events, which in our opinion make for some mouth watering visuals. Using bold complimentary colours, they have created a world in which we’d really like to live in.


Be ready to get inventive with your cocktail implements – how about those eyelash curlers for lime squeezers?! There’s no method in this madness.







Jade Connolly

Jade Connolly

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