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posted by Alice Harrison May 19, 2016

Combine the obsession to merge creativity and accuracy, the aim to evoke power and originality and the ambition to interact with the audience through dual artistic design, and thus, you result in the both intelligent and aesthetically considered creations of Murmure.


Led by Julien Alirol and Paul Ressencourt, the two artistic directors have established their creative communications agency firmly within the French landscape, delivering the best in visual identity as they consistently inject their daring and artistic sensibility while responding appropriately to the brief at hand.



Murmure embeds their focus on both the initial ideas and the artistic direction, guiding and advising the client every step of the way, from concept to execution. The sheer talent exemplified within each creation has contributed to the wide network of multidisciplinary collaborators, as of late these include Red Bull, Nördik Impakt and Radio Phénix.


Almost ritualistic when examining the Murmure archives, the collaboration with the electronic and independent culture festival has been running for a number of years now, with the latest creation in promotion of the pre-event entitled En attendant Nördik Impakt, which boasts a comprehensive line up prior to the 18th Nördik Impakt anniversary. Murmure have once again created a powerful monochrome visual identity, consisting of a dynamic layering of pattern, emphasising the rhythm element while maintaining the principles regarding layout and typography for the sake of consistency.




A contrasting aesthetic is beautifully applied through the Radio Phénix project, detailing the juxtaposition of style Murmure successfully implements within their work. In reference to the 92.7 radio frequency and the punchline “experience music differently’”, the agency has delivered a graphical minimalist design sporting block colour backgrounds which emphasise the intelligent detailing of the illustrations.




Further works include the graphical pattern of the Red Bull Academy 2015 musical event at the Cargö in Caen, flaunting the vibrancy of the electric blue colour palette, juxtaposed by the intricate typographic composition and the Greeting Cards, revealing the agency’s graphic ambitions for the future, defined by themselves as modern and creative.





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