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posted by Anna Chayasatit July 1, 2014

Designers of branding, typography, print, editorial and online performances. My Name Is Wendy are a pair of graphic designers working in the fields of art, fashion, and music. Based in Paris, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre have worked together and have been in close collaboration with a broad range of international clients since 2006. Looking at their graphic work is like looking at a collage – partly surreal and almost entirely rendered in solely black and white. Their work is defined by standout shapes and forms, and/or typographic elements, against bold backgrounds and you have to see their most recent work which has been featured in Ficciones Typografika – brilliant!

Wendy could be a tribute to the wife of Jack Torrance or a reminder of one of the characters of JM Barrie, otherwise the vague memory of a heroine series B. But Wendy Wendy called because there is a film Dear Wendy, who speaks of the obsession with firearms, and therefore the first test sentence was: Just a shot.
C. Gautier & E. Favre

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