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posted by Emma Fisher January 17, 2014

It was a recent delight to stumble across the work of Jp King and his Toronto based publishing studio Paper Pusher. They consider themselves more than just a traditional publisher but a research lab, creative classroom and collaborative platform, seeking to push the limits of paper-based objects. Utilising their Risograph RP 3700 printer, they produce a delightful range of printed material from prints to stationary. There new 2014 Risograph Calender is one of my highlights, showing what great results can be achieved with this printing method.

Jp King is a writer and relational, investigative publisher from Toronto, whose works explore contemporary mythology, masculinity, garbage, and collective activity. His obsession with paper manifests itself in collage, installation, murals, and multiples. When the timing is right he plays the role of designer, editor, residency coordinator, and conversational facilitator.

Jp King also runs The Nomadic Residency Council that focuses on generating, supporting, and documenting alternative artists’ residencies. It acts as an invitation to for artists to occupy a space, with purpose, for some period of time. The Council’s socially engaged, instructional efforts are centered around participatory campaigns that often take eventual publication format.

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