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posted by Alice Harrison November 6, 2016

Losing your spoon in your soup, dropping your newly made sandwich on the floor or waiting hours for that one file to download, these are all situations we have sadly had to endure but Paris based Parallel Studio has created a viral video injecting humour to these unforunate situations, unsurprisngly taking the internet by storm. Entitled Unsatisfying the compilation makes the most out of the bad, disheartening and face-palm-frustrating situations of everyday life. The short animation is filled with tiny defeats presented mesmerisingly through the soft colour palette and retro aesthetic combined.


Totalling at little over a minute long, Unsatisfying packs in just under 15 engaging misfortunes, both brilliant in concept and beautifully animated.Unsatisfying also acts as an invitation to Parallel Studio’s animation challenge, as the creative motion design studio asks the public to send in visual representations featuring anything big or small that drives you crazy. November 15th 2016 is the date Parallel Studio plans to post all submissions online. With only one week left to submit, get checking for more details here.


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