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posted by Marcroy March 12, 2013

Sleeperhold Publications is a ephemeral platform for artist publications and functions as a valid excuse to experiment with the creation of content, different media and ways of distributing. So far SHP released a photobook, a silkscreen posterset, a deck of gaming cards, a book of short stories and several vinyl records. There are no fixed methodologies in dealing with creation and, at its best, an entirely different tactic will be applied to every SHP number.

To start the 4th output, a book with a collection of visual short stories, every contributing artist was handed a J.G. Ballard short story. The artwork they produced in reaction to this story was gathered in this publication. The work of the 14 artists shown in this publications functions as one continuous storyline, but every chapter can easily stand on it’s own. The book features contributions by Beni Bischof, Jason Fulford, David Horvitz, Peter Sutherland, amongst others.

In the 5th series on the sleeperhold platform we’re presenting a 10 vinyl records. The front of the vinyl is always given to a band as 21 minutes of sound they can fill in however they like to. The back of the vinyl features an artist who reacts to the music by producing artwork for an etching.
So far they have worked with the music of Moon Duo, Tropic of Cancer and Disappears. The back was filled in by Miranda Lehman and Stine Sampers. The future is looking bright, they’re working with some very promising artists and bands on their future releases.



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