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posted by Amber Weaver October 13, 2016

Studio Elastik is a visual communication studio that travels around the world, it’s home being “the most eastern city of the western world and the most western city of the eastern world, Wien/Vienna” so it describes. Made up of a small, efficient team, the studio works with a strong and talented network of collaborators and clients across the globe. Their work spanning from music, culture, social matters, and odd commercial jobs.The studio is run by Constantin Demner and expands and contracts depending on the projects taken on. Constantin holds an MA from former LCP London College of Printing (now LCC London College of Communication) in MA Typographic studies.

950x0_p1ar3aq65g5nqhah4ju1v5h1va417 950x0_p1ar3e5ofsquq1v5pl6snn71lv73 950x0_p1ar3e9t4p19pd174muedi62pur5One of the studio’s projects was creating a series of ongoing risograph printed menus and other graphic elements for German TV star-cook Tim Mälzer and Peter & Barbara Eichberger’s new restaurant, Salonplafond, in MAK, Vienna.  Inside, the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, Austria, is elegant and simple but somehow pompous. Apart from the careful choice of the origin of the products the kitchen concentrates on the gentle, long-term process of cooking: sous-vide.

The restaurant’s clever come as you are attitude is highlighted through the artfully designed, seasonly changing risograph printed Menus – adding a very haptic, honest and hand made contrast to the restaurants chique interiors. Following the success and reception of the menus as art pieces the museum (MAK) has requested to include the ever growing series into their official archive of graphic works.


Print: risophie wien



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