The Hungry Workshop

posted by Anna Chayasatit August 11, 2015

Husband and wife Simon and Jenna Hipgrave set up ‘The Hungry Workshop’ to deliver their shared passion for storytelling through the craft of letterpress, design, typography, and illustration. This is where hunger for print never dies out and is where the couple produce a range of fascinating printed products for their broad range of audience. A seamless blend of typography, illustration, and colour, The Hungry Workshop’s portfolio is highly original and reflects the true spirit of joy.

One of their projects that you should feast your eyes on is ‘Printed with Vegemite’. Instead of using ink, The Hungry Workshop opted for 100% Vegemite, Australia’s own version of Marmite, and printed business cards using Heidelberg Windmill in collaboration with JWT. Scroll down to see the video. Swoon.

“Whatever grand adventure you are embarking on – whether you are just setting off, about to tackle the summit or preparing for a triumphant return – we can craft your story so it connects meaningfully with your audience.”The Hungry Workshop


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