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posted by Anna Chayasatit March 1, 2016

Founded by three passionate designers who share a mutual passion for print, Dubai-based creative studio Toil & Tinker knows about the value of print and has continued to build a supportive community for independent artists and print aficionados since its inception in 2014. Inspired by the communities of print lovers in big cities such as London and New York, Toil & Tinker is devoted to creating the same support in Dubai. And by providing printing services including screen-print, Risograph and soon-to-come letterpress, the team at Toil & Tinker have achieved their ambition to become a platform where artists, designers and illustrators come to chase their dreams.

Situated in the western Dubai, Al Quoz is an area where most of its population is made of independent creatives. The district is home to a surprising number of museums and art galleries housed in warehouse spaces and has now become one of the most significant hubs of contemporary arts.

Studio Toil & Tinker serves as a creative hub for printmakers to exercise their creativity and explore their ambitions. They’ve also got a retail space selling limited-edition prints, magazines and publications from around the world. What’s more, they also host events which incorporate workshops, pop-up shops, and marketplaces related to all things print and beyond.


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