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TwoPoints — Urbanism for Kids

posted by Amber Weaver November 23, 2017

You’ll probably remember TwoPoints Studio from issue 15 of Posterzine™ — these guys have been busy doing a load of new and exciting projects, including this one titled Urbanism for Kids. Following their previous project, the workshop Urbanism for Kids is an event organised by Archivo, a space for architecture and design in Mexico City.

As part of the event, TwoPoints developed a puzzle game which allowed the participating kids to construct their own vision of Mexico City. Through a series of eight puzzle pieces, each image represents a type of space that can be found in Mexico City. Constructed out of graphic lines and shapes, the aesthetic is beautifully simple and refreshing in comparison to a typical photographic style. You can feel TwoPoints own iconic style through it’s presentation, that although is sophisticated, perhaps appeals to children more due to the simplicity, and opportunity for imagination and interpretation. The goal of the workshop was to give the kids the opportunity to think on a bigger scale about their city, which we think has been hit on the head perfectly.

Client: Archivo
Photos of workshop: Mario Ballesteros | Photo of wall: Sarah Dorweiler

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