Colophon: Basis Grotesque

posted by Anna Chayasatit April 20, 2015

Independent type foundry Colophon have released Basis Grotesque after 36 months in making. Basis Grotesque was originally drawn in a Regular weight for the re-design of photography magazine Hotshoe. Now after its initial conception, Colophon have spent three years refining and extending the type family, testing the typeface to make sure it works across countless platforms.

The choice of typeface for design is a process that affects the image of a brand. This new typeface really demonstrates Colophon at their typographic best and on top of that, they have also released the Basis Grotesque Off White variant for use on colour grounds. Basis Grotesque is exclusively distributed and available from Colophon Foundry, so if you are interested in purchasing the typeface, then click here.


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