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posted by Alice Harrison July 17, 2016

Described as the ‘Shazam’ for Typefaces, Spector is a handheld device promising to halt the tireless search for inspirational fonts. The ingenious tool has been designed to diminish the difficulty of designing for print on screen and further bridge the divide between the two through typography. Through just one click, Spector can not only precisely identify fonts but also capture colours, identified by both CMYK and RGB values, all in all storing up to 20 inspirational typefaces at a time that you can then connect to your computer and apply to your projects.


Developed by UK designer Fiona O’Leary, she explains to The Creators Project that the unique idea grew from a frustration of designing print projects on her computer, a frustration shared by many.


O’Leary continues to state that Spector is currently in the early prototype stages and vows to spend the next two years developing Spector to Kickstarter quality, where she plans to offer the tool for no more than $80.




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