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posted by Amber Weaver October 25, 2016

A recent surge of independent and self publishing within the creative industry has sparked an interesting platform for the unheard voices that do not conform to the constraints of main stream publications. Meet Maria Sagun a Surrey based graphic designer who began her Self Zine project in her bedroom back in 2014.  Self began as self initiative project, to design a zine, experimenting with colours, images and type. From these experimentations, the idea grew into a wonderful publication that now showcases artists, other zines and photo documentation of other print creatives in their spaces.Coverso-young put-a-egg-on-itBy peaking behind the scenes of independent publishing, the designer soon realised that the people and projects she had selected all had a similar love for creating things, and a drive to share a passion with a community of like-minded individuals. Which lead to Sagun deciding to make this DIY culture the focus of the zine.put-a-egg-2 Issue one features an interview with Thomas Marecki, founder of Lodown magazine, celebrating its 20th anniversary, Generation Sleaze, an essay on Sleazenation magazine, Put a Egg on it, a celebration of a New York tasty zine, So Young, an interview with zine founder Josh Wettingsteel and many more wonderful features.Self Zine is a limited edition print of 100 only, grab it while you can here!

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