posted by Amber Weaver June 5, 2017

Characterised by a masculine black and white aesthetic with clean minimal designs is Shisen, an independent project of visual experimentation and artistic expression run by Paul Poirrier & Tony Morice in Paris, France. The pair strive to mix both design and art practices to research and develop their creative vision. The research that has been conducted to construct this creatve vision comes in the form of three published books. The first (BK001-2015- Tony Morice) about linearity, the second (BK002-2016-Paul Poirrier) about textures and the third (BK003-2017-Juliette Magnier-Tsang) about movement with Juliette’s work.

Their creative process consists of mixing manual and digital techniques such as pen, paint, collage, photography, Scanner, Dtp and many other processes to realise their designs. Their aim is simple, to use their unique perspective to collaborate with studios, designers and brands on new and exciting projects.

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