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‘667’ by Christian Gfeller of Re:Surgo

posted by Marcroy November 27, 2012

Re:667 (bis & double bis) are two one of a kind hard cover versions of the screen printed 667 zine. Each book is unique and features the 667 zine, some extra pages (split fountain & test prints) and a leather hard cover. Each book is signed, numbered (1/1) and dated (21.12.2012).

The works Swedish / French artist duo Anna Hellsgård & Christian Gfeller produce are the result of numerous iterations of the motif through transposition from one medium to another, using a variety of experimental medial techniques.

For example: “… we start from a specific image we create – a collages, a drawing or a painting. These will be silkscreened on canvas, this canvas reworked with oil paint, the painting photographed, and the photograph then finally transposed onto paper in silkscreen as a large-format artprint or the page of an artist’s book”.

Like if you were to translate a sentence in Google Translate from one language to another and yet another, it will eventually become separate from it´s meaning and yet create new poetic freeform associations.

The production is a genre-blurring mise-en-abyme of media and techniques. The raw materials go through several medial iterations and transpositions, until the final result is achieved — which becomes a witness to its own genesis as well as an art object in itself.

Known for their highly collectible uniques or small runs, hand-printed and -bound in their Berlin atelier (Re:Surgo!), Swedish / French artist duo Anna Hellsgård & Christian Gfeller stands for high quality and challenging visuals. The artist’s book, prints and artworks they produce range from contemporary art to experimental graphics and illustration. Gfeller & Hellsgård regularly join forces with artists, illustrators and designers to create collaborative silkscreen limited editions.

“We try to live by the rule of discrepancy, never trotting out or repeating the same ideas. We want to stay in constant becoming, experimenting across disciplines of arts in order to publish material that pushes the boundaries. We are always looking further for the next visual kick! The aesthetics and attitude of noise music, independent cinema, minimal, trash and raw vintage punk graphics inspire us as much as printed material. Edgy things done by hand, work that plays by the traditions of art and graphics but also sets out to destroy their conventions, that is very inspiring to us.”

Gfeller & Hellsgård’s works have been exhibited worldwide and are in numerous museums and collections such as the MoMA NY, MoMA SF, Stanford Art Library, Harvard University’s Fine Art Library, the State Museum of Berlin’s Art Library, the Yale University Art Collection and many more.
The Collection of the University of Minessota recently bought the complete Gfeller & Hellsgård’s silkscreened artist book archive (1995-2012).



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