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posted by Marcroy January 21, 2014

Three Times A Layer is a project by KOPIJ, a print club based in Belgium. A multifunctional space for print-lovers. KOPIJ has invited an international network of print clubs and print enthusiasts to work together on the design of one poster. KOPIJ searched for a fun way to connect with other print clubs in the world and inspired by a children’s drawing game, they formulated the idea of sending out a poster to which other print clubs add an extra layer of print. We are looking forward to the results.

Each DIN A3-sized poster consists of three layers of print in one color. The first layer is screenprinted by KOPIJ, the second and third layers are printed by two other print clubs. The clubs cannot preview the design of the poster: they improvise on the previous layer.

There are seven routes with two stops each, thus resulting in seven different designs. All the posters return to KOPIJ and KOPIJ sends back a package of seven different posters to each participating club. At the end of the project the collaborative posters will be presented in an exhibition by each club.

KOPIJ Three Times A Layer


Route Belgique
Topo Copy, Gent, Belgium (risography)
MIAT, Gent, Belgium (letterpress)

Route Hollandaise
Kapitaal, Utrecht, Netherlands (screen printing & risography)
Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, Netherlands (screen printing & risography)

Route Du Nord
We Make It, Berlin, Germany, (risography)
Fellesverkstedet, Oslo, Norway (screen printing)

Route des Alpes
Rollo Press, Zürich, Switzerland (risography)
Nove Punti, Milan, Italy (letterpress)

Route du Soleil
Papier Machine, Saint-Saturnin-Les-Apt, France (risography)
Barba, Barcelona, Spain (screen printing)

Route Albion
A Two Pipe Problem, London, UK (letterpress)
Risotto, Glasgow, UK (risography)

Route Américaine
Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Wisconsin, US (letterpress)
Screen Printing On The Cheap, Minneapolis, US (screen printing)

KOPIJ Three Times A Layer
KOPIJ Three Times A Layer
KOPIJ Three Times A Layer



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