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Typologie Issue 01

posted by Amber Weaver October 1, 2017

September saw another successful year of London’s infamous Design Festival, with crowds of people attending to see some of the best pieces of design there is. It also saw the launch of new exciting design publication Typologie at the Jasper Morrison Shop by the young French designer collective, Collections Typologie. On the occasion of the launch of the english version, they were invited to do an exhibition at Jasper Morrison Shop from September 18th to 23rd and was a huge success.

Collections Typologie is an independent publishing studio directed by Raphaël Daufresne and Thélonious Goupil and founded in 2016 by seven industrial designers, Guillaume Bloget, Raphaël Daufresne, Adrien Goubet, Thélonious Goupil, Guillaume Jandin, Alexandre d’Orsetti and Yun Li. Their publication Typologie, is a bi-annual publication that takes the reader to the heart of every- day objects, broadening common perceptions of familiar things by encouraging its audience to see them anew. Each issue focuses on one object, exploring its secrets by documenting their manufacture, detailing their history, highlighting their enduring relevance and discovers its universe through the eyes of designers, producers and the passionate end user. The original illustrations, the quality of the photographs and the graphics as well as the fine choice of the paper lends it the precious finish of a collector’s item.

The first issue focuses around the pétanque ball, exploring all of the aspects of this well-known object through discussions regarding its affiliation with the universals and ancient tradition of boule games. Going on to examine the broad range of techniques used to produce the boule itself in addition to the role of the individual boule within petanque and its personification of the carefree, recreational side of life that the game represents is explored. The investigation reveals the rich and layered character behind these seemingly homogenous spheres.

The publication’s content includes an essay by Philippe Louguet, an architect, urban planner and design theorist. Complemented by an in-depth joint interview between Bruno Tainturier (industrial designer and co-founder of the Gulliver design agen- cy), Romain Souvignet (the president of Obut) and Philippe Quintais (professional petanque player and world champion).
The text is supplemented by photographs from the Obut archives and museum as well as behind-the-scenes shots of the company’s modern plant and modern and ancient boule’s photographs – all taken by the Collections Typologie team.

Issue 01: Co-published by Collections Typologie and Editions B42.
Publishers : Collections Typologie & Editions B42
Measure: 210 mm x 260 mm
Number of Pages: 64
Price: 20,00€
Language: French version and English version
ISBN : French 9782917855867 – English 9782917855911

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