posted by Anna Chayasatit February 11, 2014

Volk is a France/Germany-based touring exhibition project that showcases the outcome of collaborations between artists who explore artistic values and cultural content. Curated by Laetitia Gorsy, Volk acts as a multinational research platform for emerging art practitioners to question and respond to art/social issues and discuss the burgeoning arts scene in Europe, regardless of age and sex.

Invited artists are encouraged to develop their own artwork under a specific theme, working in close collaboration with each other in order to best represent the proposed subject and/or to share new perspectives as well as to reinforce traditional perceptions. So far, the exhibition has journeyed across European heritage cities including Paris, Berlin and Leipzig. It promises to be one of the most inspiring touring exhibitions that attracts both experts and newbies.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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