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posted by Anna Chayasatit November 5, 2014

London’s graphic design scene is about to heat up once again since Grafik and Monotype are presenting a series of live events dedicated to one of the most fundamental elements of good design, Letterform. Despite a sharp drop in temperatures in London over the past few days, the talks and debates presented by internationally renowned type and design practitioners will definitely warm you up. The events are divided into three panel sessions, each with a different topic: Posters, Books and Magazines.

Typography. Favourite letters. Inspiration. These are all the subjects which all the speakers will examine and audience can expect to better understand the language of letters and typography concepts. We’ve all long been fans of both Grafik and Monotype so whether or not you’re a graphic designer, grab your ticket now via Eventbrite – it promises to be one of the most inspirational events and you sure don’t want to miss this!

19 November 2014 — POSTERS
With Freda Sack (Foundry Types)
Jasmine Raznahan (ARPA and Noon magazine)
Simon Manchipp (SomeOne)
Catherine Dixon

03 December 2014 — BOOKS
David Pearson
Andy Altman (Why Not Associates)
Simon Esterson (Eye and Esterson Associates)
Gunnar Vilhjálmsson (Monotype)

17 December 2014 — MAGAZINES
Violetta Boxill (Alexander Boxill)
Veronica Ditting (The Gentlewoman)
Elisabeth Bukanova & Bryan Edmondson (SEA Design)

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