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posted by Issy Reynolds-Logue November 23, 2016

The images produced by Super Abstract Series, a design collective run by graphic designers Julia de Blaauw and Irene Stoop, are reminiscent of Memphis, the fabulous design group of the 1980s. Drawing on previous movements such as Pop Art, the Memphis group created visually high impact design full of colour and abstract shapes. Super Abstract Series intends to do the same, focussing on beautifully bold geometric shapes and patterns.


Based in the Netherlands, they use abstraction and a bold colour palette to create clean, vibrant images that remain on your retinas long after you have finished looking at them. For Julia and Irene, “designing these daily abstractions is also a practice in form, colour and composition” as a break from their daily work as conceptual designers.





Super Abstract Series’ favoured method of printing is the risograph. This process leads to a degree of variation among each print that clashes perfectly with the uniformity of their geometric designs. In contrasting such rigid designs with a process so susceptible to deviations and anomalies, some incredibly interesting prints are created displaying perfection alongside imperfection.





Their images are a joy to peruse, and at the moment you can buy two risograph sets of four prints each through our Department Store. You can also check out their Instagram, updated daily with the duo’s geometric wonders.

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