Print Isn’t Dead™ Element 003

posted by Marcroy August 6, 2015

Print Isn’t Dead™ Element 003 comes wrapped in different typographic covers individually typeset by our designer James Lunn. And for those of you who are itching to know what’s featured inside this incredible issue, here’s an opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of our publication. And if you have been waiting for the right moment, your chance is here, enjoy the scroll through our glorious issue before you order. Also check out these reviews on magCulture, Stack, Grafik, Design Milk and Inkygoodness.

Element 003 OUT NOW
Element 003 OUT NOW

To celebrate the theme of personalisation, we kick off this issue with a thoughtful article by Freya Faulkner. Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW   Followed by Future Library, the brainchild of Scottish artist Katie Paterson. Element 003 OUT NOW   Forty years of excellence. We are very lucky to get access to Imprenta Boquerón and get to know the insight of this family-run business. Element 003 OUT NOW   Multi-talented graphic designer Hansje van Halem tells us about her creative practice and her projects that revolve around typography, book design, pattern, and all types of printed matter. Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW   We visited Kin earlier in spring down in Farringdon. And here's what makes Kin is so interesting and different from other creative studios. Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW   A little chat with Peter Judson, an internationally acclaimed designer, illustrator and printmaker based in London. Element 003 OUT NOW   An introduction to the Prelogram machine and how it has rescued the UK’s largest collection of historic printing machinery from being sold for scrap. Element 003 OUT NOW You may want to do further reading so here's our hand-picked selection of studios, links, and people. Element 003 OUT NOW   Eike König of Hort, an independent Berlin-based creative studio,  also joins the Print Isn’t Dead™ movement.. Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW   Do you know that Element 003 also includes 6 pages full of Grafik content? Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW   We are enamoured of Jason Evans' online photographic archive, The Daily Nice, and here we have converted his photographs into CMYK. Element 003 OUT NOW   Mint Never Hinged is another Instagram account that you should be following.. Element 003 OUT NOW   We also pitched a few questions at multi-disciplinary designer Marta Veludo whose work is also featured on our Department Store. Element 003 OUT NOW   We take you to the streets of Ghana and here's an in-depth interview with YEVU's founder, Anna Robertson. Element 003 OUT NOW   We are more than happy to have partnered up with one of the most exotic labels, Brixton Brewery. Here's an insight into its identity that was inspired by African batik. Element 003 OUT NOW   We sat down with Ollie Chapman of Studio Moross and he guided us through the studio's creative process. Element 003 OUT NOW   We also caught up with Amy Hood of Bang! publication. If you're a fan of 70s-inspired visual narrative, this is definitely something you cannot miss. Element 003 OUT NOW   See how we can rediscover the value of printed news. You have to check out this collaborative project by The Mainichi Shimbu and Dentsu. Element 003 OUT NOW   Richard Owers, marketing director of Pureprint talks to us about the capabilities of HP Indigo printing. Element 003 OUT NOW   We also had a look at how design studio Fikra provides bilingual design solutions. It's just fascinating! Element 003 OUT NOW   And last but not lease, we couldn't have made it without our members.. Element 003 OUT NOW Element 003 OUT NOW




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