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posted by Amber Weaver March 9, 2017

Here at People Of Print we had the pleasure of interviewing venturethree, a progressive brand company made up of 50 bright people with a hungry, positive, independent spirit. Their ethos is to spark progress into everything they tackle, working with some of the worlds biggest brands in Europe, USA, India and China.

We asked the team over at venturethree what they’re up to and what they hoped to achieve and more importantly, who they’re passionate about influencing. “We’re helping the UN promote the Great Green Wall across Africa; we’re working with people in the USA to create a new non-toxic concrete to rebuild the world’s infrastructure; we’re putting the first brand into space on a re-usable rocket with SpaceX; we’re responsible for the thinking behind a game-changing mobile network in India that has won 100 million customers in just 170 days… We just want to make the world better and have fun doing it. [We hope to influence} 23-year-olds. 23-year-old talent coming out of top colleges who are hungry to make their mark. 23-year-old entrepreneurs who are insanely ambitious and have already raised $50M to take their businesses to the next level. 45-year-old CEOs who still have the enthusiasm and openness of a 23-year-old.

One of their most recent project include their creative team working on a series of designs on the theme of food waste, some of which have been made into beautiful, impactful posters. Printed on quality paper, the money that they make will all go to UK Harvest and the Jamie Oliver Foundation to support this cause. We loved this idea so much we had to get them up on our online store! Grab one of these exclusive pieces print, you should do, it’s for a good cause. 😉 See below or head to Department Store and click on venturethree in the drop down vendor menu on the left had side.

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