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Hüman After All – Weapons of Reason

posted by Jade Connolly July 14, 2016

This awesome project from Paul Willoughby plans to change the world. You might be thinking, “I know that name…” and that’s because he was the mind behind Little White Lies magazine, which changed the face of film mags and raised the bar for everyone else. Weapons of Reason is intended to connect people with the complexities of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Simplifying huge issues, that may be reported bias, in an honest and minimal way; there’s no sugar coating here. In order to compliment the tone of voice of this project, Hüman After All created a bespoke typeface for the magazine to be used throughout the 8 editions, complimenting the content and creating a brand identity.



When creating the typeface for Weapons of Reason, the team needed to consider a number of elements. “What is the voice of reason? What is the tone and timbre of this voice? What does reason eve look like?” And for them, the answer was simple…


He is one of the most recognisable, soothing voices in sonically recorded history, Sir David Attenborough’s voice is authoritative yet friendly; exactly what Hüman After All wanted their magazine to feel like to their audience.

The voice of Reason is clear and can be easily heard; it’s not sharp, excitable of undulating. It talks straight and doesn’t wrestle with your emotions. It simply presents itself to you.



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