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Discussing radical issues and challenging social rules is feminist magazine Ladybeard. Taking the form of a heavy, beautiful piece of print Ladybeard aims to revolutionise the mordern day women’s magazine in the form of personal statements, illustrative editorials and other mediums. The publication infers that mainstream media has created a culture of self-hate that confines our gender, sexuality, dress size, pigmentation, imagination and aspirations. In light of this statement, the team behind the magazine wish to liberate the voices that you wouldn’t hear in a traditional women’s magazine. Voices of people, not just women who live any and every deviation from the straight, white, cis, able-bodied ‘ideal’. the-mind-issue-coverscreen-shot-2016-09-23-at-13-53-55Working in themed issues, Ladybeard has the flexibility and space to discuss, analyse, unpick and challenge their chosen theme, opening up vital new perspectives that the modern world has to offer. Rather than re-define, or dictate, this publication aims to play with gender, sexuality and identity through a platform of creativity.

illustration-by-dominic-kesterton-for-google-it-the-new-mind-control-by-robert-epsteinPrintillustration-by-lea-dohle-2illustration-by-peter-judsonThe issues consist of a variety of creative mediums, from bold personal illustrations to knitted dolls (as seen in the Sex issue), producing a platform for total creative freedom, allowing their contributors to express their story without the constraints of looking a particular way.

knitting-karma-sutra-the-lotus-blossom-2-by-trixie-von-purl knitting-karma-sutra-the-lotus-blossom-1-by-trixie-von-purlThe images above include, illustrations by Lea Dohle, Pete Judson, and Dominic Kesterton.

Their launch for this latest issue will be on the 12th November 2016 held at the Hackney Showroom, get your tickets here!


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