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The Recorder Issue 2

posted by Anna Chayasatit July 13, 2015

A full discussion of typographic design might be beyond the ambit of one magazine, but not with ‘The Recorder’. Now in its second edition, The Recorder has continued to thrive and taken on a new editorial structure to entice an audience into the contemporary visual journey through the work of design practitioners from all corners of the globe.

After its first public appearance in the early twentieth century, now, the recent editions of The Recorder have undergone a major revision, designed to examine typography and lettering as a medium of culture. It is also history of modern typography design that serves also as a study of cultural and technological change.

The second issue of The Recorder covers a vast variety of typographic topics. With every page you turn, there is a new typographic adventure for you to discover – a very successful collaboration between art director Luke Tonge and editor Emma Tucker. This is an opportune moment for you to delve into the world of design as it is becoming as much about rediscovering traditional methods. The topics include everything from contemporary posters to chalk lettering and typographic installation.

The Recorder successfully blurs the lines between contemporary graphic/type design and craft. It is definitely a must-read for anyone connected with the graphic design world – a well-wrought typographic journal, very colourful, and vastly resourceful.

Anna Chayasatit

Anna Chayasatit

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Anna Chayasatit

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