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Anna Beam

posted by Alice Harrison August 28, 2016

Embedding her undeniable talent into limited edition runs of original handmade creations for the home and body, Anna Beam injects her whimsical aesthetic into both her printed and embellished accessories, ceramics, stationery and home wares, all radiating a joyous energy in regards to the ethereal colour palettes and dynamic prints combined. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland but now based in East London since 2013, Beam’s works predominantly span textiles, print making, ceramics, pattern design and ceramics, contrasting delicate decoration with graphic print.

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Beam infuses herself into her work whole-heartedly, expressing her love for the process element of puzzling out how her creations will be constructed and assembled as Beam explains “I’m constantly thinking about new designs and things I want to make.” Additionally, Beam also delves into the world of illustration, infusing her recognisable aesthetic into her illustrations and experimenting with techniques such as risograph.

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Anna Beam is also a member of Clay Collective and ATC studio, as well as running her own shop online, brighten up your home with one of Anna’s creations by checking out her shop here.

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